I woke up this morning, and the first thing i did as my custom, is to pick up my phone, check my messages after which I was going to read my devotional and pray for the day ahead. I was on track until I came to a message that just left me numb and confused; It left me considering the fairness of the universe. One of my little cousins, 7 or 8 years old, had just passed away. This is something that i presume will leave anyone disconcerted, and got me thinking about this thing we call life, what is it all about?

She had just been sick for a little while, and yes it had gotten quiet severe but surely that shouldn’t warrant death should it? I mean, people go through a whole lot more than this little child did and they still survive, people get burnt from their heads to their toes, people have accidents that take away their limbs and they still make it through that. What determines our lifespan, is it the food we eat, how much exercise we get, or should we delve into spiritual matters and say it is a higher power?

Don’t get me wrong, people die all the time, but gone are the days when senescence was the cause of death. When death meant you had told a story to the world and could finally rest. Lately people are just dying everywhere, from all kinds of causes, at any age. Should we be afraid?

But then again deliberating on what Ed Sheeran said “Its alright to die, ’cause death’s the only thing you haven’t tried”(I love that song, lol), I pondered yet again, should we not be afraid to die? Should we be prepared for the inevitable? Should we be open to the idea of our demise, that it can happen to any of us at any moment? I’m questioning everything today.

If anyone had told me my sweet, innocent and so so young baby girl would die so soon i would have shot the person in the head and drowned them too. But now that it has happened, it makes me reflect on my own life and the whole worlds’ I guess, and though I’m sad and partially blind from my tears, I cant help by write this piece in the mist of my confusion on what our life really is. Can we all mull over this?

He-ya, thank you for reading this piece. This is just a little something that came to mind today. If you have anything to add or subtract please put in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow me so you never miss a post. Oh and like it too.

much love, Jema

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