The Sexy Potato Experience

It has been so long since I wrote on here, again, I’m sorry im going to explain everything in just a sec.

Early last month I had a little accident with my phone, that moment felt like my whole life had come to an end and when my dad pronounced that he was not getting me a new phone, I just turned my face to a wall and cried. I mean who wouldnt? My phone had been like my parthner in crime, it had everything i needed including my wordpress login, I doubt I’m the only person in the world who forgets her own passwords. And without the password I couldnt access anything really. lol… I hope you now get why I’ve been awol.

Then I guess one would ask, how did a social media addict such as myself survive for so long without a phone, and I’ll tell you how. I was stuck to a small Nokia phone that had the ancient power of making calls and sending text messages (also known as a yam). With friends like mine who hardly ever call (well unless its super urgent though), I sat with my phone which hardly ever rung in my hand dreaming of all the stories flowing on my snapchat. Barely in touch with my friends, I used the yam for about two weeks, I kind of got used to it and then came the sexy potato. A friend gave me another phone, still a Nokia, more advanced than the yam I had been using so I termed it a potato, and just added the seexy for flare. The extra added power of whatsapping on this phone was a bonus, it took me back to 2010 when Nokia Asha was the bomb and i wondered if it had just been 6years ago? Downgrading from an Iphone 7 to a Nokia Asha 202 was a drastic fall, I know, but being me, I always tend to enjoy the process I find myself in and turn it into an adventure.

I’ve been using this phone for a while now and i can clearly say it has really changed my life, haha, every morning i would get up and pick my phone up to check all my social media before my feet touched the floor, but with my sexy potato, I can live the whole day without touching it, except to make calls. it has helped realise that I waste too much time on social media when i dont need to and in the near future when I get a new phone, I think my time is one of the things i would like to better manage and not spend it all online. Its not that perfect though, performing simple tasks is a biggie, I mean it can take about 10 minutes to send a  single message that would other wise take seconds on my iphone and from this plenty typing and the way the keypads are set up, I can seriously say I have gained muscles in my thumbs. Another thing is, this phone is literally like a tortoise acting in slow in motion, that bad, which is why I dont really do much with it.  In this fast pased era where everything is wanted asap, using this phone hasnt really been the best for me.

Things I Miss About My Smart Phone

  1. I miss seeing my face in a phone screen, I havn’t taken a selfie in weeks and I can feel an itch building up.
  2. Google
  3. The many different ways to communicate with my people, just texts and a very slow whatsapp connection doesnt really help me
  4. The ease of sharing information, I cant share anything with this sexy potato, not even on whatsapp lol
  5. Taking pictures, oh-my, need I say more?
  6. Fast internet
  7. Snapchat… This needs a whole segment to itself.
  8. Fast internet
  9. Pictures!!!… ok im done here
  10. Did i say fast internet??

It wasnt all bad though, I learnt a few things using this phone…

  1. Not having a smart phone isnt the end of the world – though its very close to it.
  2. The real ones will call, you kind of find who your true people are, there I said it.
  3. I got to learn new things with my extra time
  4. This phone has thought me the act of patience
  5. And finally it thought me to appreciate what i have, I used to be shy to take it out in public, but now I take it out and flaunt it.

So as I sit here holding my sexy potato, and trying to force press the F button, I would just end here and get to you guys next time, hopefully soon.

With love, Jema

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