Bugs Away II

Hey guys,

I know its been quiet some time since i last wrote here and again i hope you haven’t forgotten all about me : with the Easter break and midsems punishing me, i had to take a breather. The last time I was here i  was talking at length on insects and the different ways we trying to eradicate them would be doing more harm than good to us. and i also promised to give you the tips and tricks on how to safely use chemicals to deal with them. I would like to say that I am not an expect in this field, I’m just sharing what i know and have learnt with you lovelies.

before you try to eliminate the pests, you need to do some basic things to keep them away in the first place. The first step to keeping insects and other pests at bay is to be clean. The term “cleanliness is next to Godliness” is not just for show. Seriously guys, when you clean up and don’t leave dirty bowls hanging around, dust your house frequently, don’t leave your rubbish hanging around for days on end, cover the attractants like sugar and honey etc; the pests will naturally stay away from your house. If nothing is attracting them, they wont come there in the first place.

So lets say you are cleaner than the road to Calgary but yet still, just cant seem to prevent these pesky thingies from coming around, you could  try using natural remedies instead of just jumping into chemical sprays. a wide array of natural oils and diatomaceous earth can be used in areas these pests appear.

If by some means you cant seem to get rid of them and still plan to use chemical forms of control like insecticides or the coil, then you might want to know these:

  • The first thing you do is to take out all your open surfaces. do not spray directly unto areas where you touch regularly or on things that you are likely to ingest. Take out your tables, bowls, clothes, food etc before you decide to spray.
  • after this you would want to clean the area you plan to spray, I dunno if many know this but if a dying insect manages to find food, it somehow tends to survive. you don’t want there to be anything to resuscitate these irritants.
  • You would want to spray or burn your coil with no one present since human presence can interfere with the actions of the chemicals present in these insecticides. Not only is it harmful for you the person standing in there, the chemicals may actually not work on the insects as well as they ought to.
  • give it time. Don’t expect all the insects to be dead within ten minutes of burning your coil or spraying. you would like to give it time first for the chemicals to work, and again for the chemical to air out so you don’t have to breathe them in.
  • the last thing to using chemicals is to not use it often. don’t get up everyday and say, i spray my room everyday so mosquitoes stay out, it will get to a point the can on Raid® will not work at all.

You would want to make sure the pests you plan to terminate all do die. You don’t want to leave any casualties. When an insect or pests passes through a chemical meant to kill it, and does NOT die, lets just say what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. When this happens, more chemical might be needed to end them and this isn’t very safe for us, is it.

i hope these tips help you or someone you know, and don’t forget to share so others get to know too. Hit me up on all my social media platforms and don’t forget to leave a comment so i know what you think.

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much love, Jema

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