Bugs Away

The whole basis of today’s beautifully written piece is bugs, insects, pests, errm another word for these, uuumm creepy crawlies, yuh those things, that’s what I’m getting onto here today.

I am an Agriculture student with my ‘heart and soul’ borrowed deep down into the interesting, and mind boggling, study of insects. You might think it’s creepy and not so much fun but my dear darling reader its through this, not so fancy subject, that I’m able to bring these cool facts today.

In my part of the world we are surrounded and constantly troubled by these beautiful creations, though greatly extraneous to most people due to their troubling nature and the many havoc’s they cause. It isn’t surprising to see someone chase after a cockroach as if they are running a marathon or to see someone slap themselves so hard trying to errm, i want a harsh word here, ‘assassinate’ , that’s it, a mosquito busily sucking on him. And at the end of the day, when chasing and slapping doesn’t do the trick, we end up trying to find other means to eradicate these botheration’s, the easiest which we will all agree is to enter a shop or pass by the market and get yourself a nice glistening tube of insecticide or the greatly loved mosquito coil : be it Raid, Heaven, Officer Jumbo, Heaven Black, Sasso, etc: these chemicals are being patronized left right and center, with people knowing little to nothing about these chemicals and using them not necessarily how they were made to be used, do we see a problem here.

Lets get technical : unlike insect repellents designed to be applied to our skins, most of these insecticides don’t contain DEET, google it. However, among their active ingredients are pyrethrins, which are mixtures of organic compounds possessing strongly insecticidal properties. The active ingredients in most of our household insecticides are nerve agent designed to  disrupts the nervous system of the insect by direct contact. They can affect us the same way if enough of the substances enter our body. Minor exposures can break down quickly by our metabolism and flushed out of the body, but when one is repeatedly exposed, it can lead to the agent building up in the fatty tissues leading to more serious side effects. Pyrethrins are known to  affect us if inhaled and this can be : coughing,difficulty in breathing, oxygen-level fluctuations; too much of it can lead to seizures, tremors or an upset stomach which might cause vomiting. And that just with the sprays.

Now getting onto the coils is on a whole other thing. From experience helping out at my mums shop, I have observed that the time most of these coils are patronized is at night. Can I hear a hallelujah, cause we all know its true. The amazing thing is that people buy these coils not knowing whats in it, I doubt they care though, and keep these things lit all night long, trying to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Now that’s all good until you find out sleeping in the smoke of just one mosquito coil is equivalent to smoking a hundred cigarettes, yes a hundred. Studies on these mosquito coils found that some mosquito coils contain octachlorodipropyl ether (s-2) that, during the smoldering of the coils, produces an extremely potent lung carcinogen : and from my further research on these things, i learnt they had caused 50%, you heard that right, of LUNG CANCER in Taiwan. We be out here trying to kill ourselves.

So I’m not here trying to keep anyone out of business; I might end up making insecticides one day,i dunno. i just want to keep the info out there for you youngins like me. If you want to use insecticides and coils there’s a proper way to use them and i might have gone on to tell you, but since this is already a super long blog, lets make it another time shall we.

much Love, Jema

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