😌I know it’s been centuries since I last got on here and I’m really sorry but between school and project work and trying to graduate and all that, I kinda got carried away from here. All I can do is plead guilty and hope you keep reading anyway. ☹

Before the idea for this particular project came up, I had this huge argument with a friend on which network we each thought was the best and why. So there we sat for an unbelievable amount of time trying to convince each other we were on the winning network. This whole argument got me thinking and in the end, I took it upon myself to try the various networks just to test the waters and see what is on the other sides. Maybe I would be swayed to another network😁. I tried MTN ( what does it means😔) Vodafone, Airtel, Tigo, and Glo. It was actually a fun and somehow frustrating experience. Le-go.



I started with MTN, the most popular network; dare I say. They are the only network that can provide a 4G network. I put the sim card in my phone and immediately started getting notifications and messages from the network, I thought it was because I had just put the sim in but as the day went on I kept receiving messages after I made calls after I texted someone😒 it was really annoying. I bought airtime and bundled 5gh cedi worth of which I got 300Mb of data. This for an avid social network abuser was way-way-way too small but since I was just using it for a day I didn’t really mind. So how did the network hold up, hmmm,) I didn’t see a 4G signal pop up ever throughout the day( shocking), I went through  the day unable to receive calls, and when I tried to place calls the “number couldn’t be reached”, my messages were delayed, and though the bundle held up and lasted the whole day, I hadn’t been allowed the privilege of using it in the first place.  Overall, I didn’t enjoy the service AT ALL. I was really glad when the day finally ended.🙍


😉Bundling 5gh cedis got me 450Mb which I thought was high on the 300Mb I got from MTN, throughout the day I made calls as usual and was relieved most of them went through even though I had the occasional issue with the number not being reached. Browsing was another issue. I spent several hours trying to load other people’s stories on my snapchat and it could take up to a whole minute for a simple WhatsApp message to send. At the end of the day, I still had some of the data left which I still think is because I didn’t really have the chance to use as much as I wanted to use. Again, I was happy when the day ended.😔


As usual, I inserted the sim into the phone and bought 5gh cedi worth of airtime and bundled. This time I got 400Mb worth of data. I dunno if it was my location but I went through the day with the signal very very low😞. Even though I had stuck at mostly one bar choosing to flicker once in a while between two and three bars, When it did flicker, the network was crystal clear (lol). I hard to deal with strangely numbered calls that seemed to be coming from the network themselves, errmm😒. the amazing thing was that before the day ended, even though I hadn’t really spent much time on any of my social media, I had run out of data😐.


I might be slightly biased in my review of the Vodafone network but since I’ve been on the network for so long, but the shortcode I used was different from the one I was used to. Vodafone X has been BAE 😂 (ok, no bias). so I bundled and got 450Mb which seemed to be the highest amount of data one could get with 5gh cedi. Calls had their glitches here and there. Browsing was a breeze (when the network had more than two bars), anyway my messages arrived and were sent fast, I was able to load my snaps as fast as they arrived and I know you can smell the favoritism☺. But half way through the day, about 1 – 2 pm, I got a notification that my bundle had run out. I guess fast network meant I ended up using more data☹.


So I am just going to say this was by far the best network went through. I didn’t know how to bundle so I just topped up and got, apart from the 5gh cedi I had topped up, 0.70gh to call off-net, 2.10gh to call on-net, 12.20gh for text messages on-net and 5gh worth of data. I didn’t have to subscribe to anything, imagine. calls went through well, except one time when I was calling a Vodafone number and it kept telling me “the Glo number you are calling cannot be reached”😒. Browsing, oh dear browsing, it was smooth. I still had some of the 5gh left at the end of the day and I hadn’t even bundled. My only sadness was I didn’t have anyone to enjoy the on-net calls and texts with.


I couldn’t find a sim card for this network so I, unfortunately, have nothing to say about it.😔

😊After all this, I’d like to say that I was very disappointed in the MTN network but I would like to say this was my observation and factors like my area and weather conditions and even the phone that I use may also have influenced the way the networks worked, I’m not saying this is how they are throughout Ghana. This was super interesting and I might do it again sometime to see if I’ll get different results. Tigo and airtel were alright but not enough to draw me away from the love Vodafone has shown me. Maybe, just maybe, if I had a lot of my contacts being drawn to the green glow of Glo, then I might just make that jump.🙋

Heya, I hope you enjoyed my little experiment✌. Don’t forget to 👍like and subscribe👆. and leave a comment ill get back to you at the speed of light.

much love, Jema 👄

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