.. me to you

😌I literally sat down for hours trying to come up with something good, something awe-inspiring, something simply interesting, that would draw my readers to come back for more. That’s the point of a blog, right:?? i didn’t want to sound too serious, or too laid back – going around throwing curse words in the air wouldn’t cut it i presumed. I then went ahead to google “how to write your first blog post”(I literally google everything and anything unfortunately), i was that desperate. So there i was, reading away and trying to cram all the advise i read on the, oh! so many opened tabs on my computer. I want to make a good impression on my readers, to be able to connect with them, not just as the writer of some post they read online, but for them to understand who I am behind this screen, I mean I will gloss it over a little bit to make myself seem better of course.

This is actually not my first blog post, i used to write on another domain where I basically just posted mini stories that i wrote. I, however, got a lot of backlash😧 for my content being “too graphic” and “inappropriate”, apparently describing the potency of a mans erection in a well structured sentence wasn’t that appreciated.

So here i am, starting all over:). And this time I’m bringing you  into my world and introducing you to all kinds of things that go around in my head. I will be touching on several topics and i hope you stick with me through this ride. This is my world, from me to you😙.

 โค jema

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